About ILLC

Our Mission

Strengthen and extend the capacity of organizations and individuals to drive change within their communities by nurturing the development of transformative leaders through our growing global network.

Qualities we value in transformative leaders:

  • Positive connection with others
  • Responsive and adaptive to needed change
  • Reflection oriented
  • Seek shared understanding
  • Hungry for learning and personal growth

 Our Vision

Shift the culture of leadership in order to:

  • To be a force for change
  • To create a healthy and more connected society
  • To be responsible for the gift we’ve been given

Agreements & Foundational Values

The transformative experiences shared by ILLC members are due in great part to the trusted learning environment created by NLI. This environment, which welcomes both challenge and support, allows for the messiness, vulnerability, and risk taking essential to growth. As a community of practice with a learning culture, we intend to honor and build upon the foundational values by continuing to follow these working principles:


  1. Equity of participation by all Fellows for all Fellows – ILLC Membership is open to all people who have participated as an NLI Fellow throughout their life, regardless of where they may move or whatever they are doing.
  2. Each cohort brings something special – The mechanisms of governance for ILLC should include the opportunity for representation from each cohort, and we will support activities both within and across cohorts.
  3. Sustained support – While NLI Alumni activities were initially supported through catalytic funding from the Noyce Foundation and by Fellows/their organizations via creative cost-sharing, we recognize that we must evolve towards a sustainable future in which Alumni support ILLC programming without the continued involvement of the Noyce Foundation. This support is anticipated to be both financial (e.g. membership fees) as well as personal time committed as volunteer contribution to the ILLC activities. Additional funding support from donors and/or granting bodies is imagined, but not confirmed.
  4. Continued learning – We recognize that leadership learning is ongoing, and that, as a community of leaders, we are collectively responsible for driving thought, bringing new insight, and providing direction to the program.
  5. Sharing our expertise – We are a mutually supportive group who give generously of our time and expertise, sharing our skills and experiences to help Fellows.
  6. Delivering Outward Impact – As a collective body of expertise, we aim to develop and foster leadership thinking and action, which ensures continued relevance and deep engagement with society. We will realize the power of our collective international expertise to bring about real change.
  7. Delivering Inward Impact – ILLC activities will rely heavily on the voice and needs of the ILLC community, so that we too are more “necessary” than “nice.” In this, we will endeavor to be continually relevant for the community of ILLC leaders.
  8. Accountability – The success of ILLC objectives is shared jointly across the Alumni Volunteers.
  9. Relationship to Relevant Professional Bodies – We will work in consideration with relevant professional bodies such as ASTC, ECSITE, ACM, AAM, and other associations to ensure that we add value and avoid direct duplication or competition. We will leverage opportunities to bring added value within the context of the ILLC approach.
  10. We do not subscribe to one single model of leadership.
  11. Themes – the focus of our work will be on:
    a. Community engagement & impact
    b. Executive-level leadership development at all organizational levels
    c. Risk-taking and innovation.