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The ILLC Mission is to strengthen and extend the capacity of organizations and individuals to drive change within their communities by nurturing the development of transformative leaders.

Your membership supports the backbone of ILLC and helps bring this mission to life now and into the future. Every NLI Alum is a Fellow, but members are Fellows who choose to invest and give back to the ILLC and the global community. It’s an investment in your continued growth, and in that of your peers and the museum community.

ILLC supports the principle that, “Once a Fellow, Always a Fellow.” As such, membership is open to all Alumni of the Noyce Leadership Institute, regardless of the sector in where you work or live. All Fellows receive free access to basic ILLC communications (ILLC website, Newsletters and Slack), but members receive some important benefits (see below) as well.

Your continued growth and connection depends on the support and challenge of our peers. As a primarily volunteer-led organization, your membership sustains the backbone of our organization — this website, seed funding for face-to-face events, and virtual learning opportunities. Thank you for being a part of our community!

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Membership is now simpler than ever. Join today for $250 or more per year, and support yourself while you support ILLC.

Member Benefits

    Our Membership supports a cause, to drive change; and reinforces our identity as Transformative Leaders. As ILLC members we belong to a community of people who provoke change and take a stand. Members steward and share the principles and values that we learned through the NLI and influence others for the good of society.
    Members receive significant discounts on registrations for the Summit, Learning Day, Virtual Learning Opportunities and more.
    Members will have the opportunity to participate in two Peer Consultations per year, additional to the ones that are organized during
    Summit and Learning Day.
  4. APAG (Alumni Peer Application Group)
    Members are eligible to apply for funds to support APAG learning activities.
    Members can enter a lottery to access a three-hour coaching session. One lucky Member will win per year.
    One VLO (webinar) per year will be designed for and available to the staff of the Member.

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Tier Amount
Individual $250
Organizational Tier 1: Less than $500 $500
Organizational Tier 2: $500 – 1 million $1,000
Organizational Tier 3: 1 – 3 million $2,500
Organizational Tier 4: 3 – 5 million $5,000
Organizational Tier 5: 5 million or more $10,000


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In addition to joining ILLC as an individual and institutional member, consider supporting the program with a donation. Your gifts are tax deductible (in the US) and will be used to help ILLC thrive, support fellows, and drive leadership for public good for years to come.

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