NLI Experience

The ILLC has its early roots in the Noyce Leadership Institute (NLI), a program developed by the Noyce Foundation to build the future capacity of informal learning organizations, science centers and children’s museums. NLI also received support from the Moore Foundation, Packard Foundation and the US Institute for Museum and Library Services. The core NLI experience, lasting 13-15 months, invested in developing leadership skills that would enable participants, working at any level or an organization, to navigate effective change and deepen engagement with community. From 2008 until 2015, 123 individuals, organized into seven successive cohorts (approximately 16-18 each), participated in NLI. From NLI’s inception until the Noyce Foundation’s sunset in 2015, the Foundation provided support for building an active, ongoing learning community after completion of the core program.

For an overview of NLI’s mission and working principles, click here.

For a list of individuals and institutions that participated in NLI, visit our Cohorts page.

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