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Cohort 1 (2008)

*Institutions are listed based on affiliation at the time of the Fellowship.

Chabot Space & Science Center, Oakland, California
Alex Zwissler
Develop a new long term agreement with the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) that will redefine and transform our relationship, establish a long-term financial understanding, and restructure an outstanding loan.

Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry, Charleston, South Carolina
Georgina Ngozi
Initiate a collaborative project between local schools with diverse populations and the museum that focuses on introducing girls to science via exposure to hands-on science and to female scientists as mentors.

Dundee Science Center, Dundee, Scotland
Paul Jennings
Develop a new Science Learning Centre, adjacent to the existing building geared to primary school children, that will significantly expand its work by attracting new audiences including teachers, researchers, and teenagers and adults.

ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont
Phelan Fretz
Re-brand ECHO, together with other local science and educational institutions that have benefited from the patronage of U.S. Senator Leahy and that are dedicated to stewardship of Lake Champlain.

Explora, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Patrick Lopez
Develop an endowment as a source of working capital both to provide financial stability and to fund educational innovation, such as an Educational Learning Center.

Exploratorium, San Francisco, California
Dennis Bartels
Instigate a movement to improve the quantity and quality of science education experiences for elementary grade children in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area region through a multi-institutional collaborative effort.

Glasgow Science Centre, Glasgow, Scotland
Kirk Ramsay
Influence the City of Glasgow to become a “city of science,” wherein GSC collaborates with the City, regional universities and colleges, and schools on a joint agenda including an annual city-wide science festival, school-based and teacher professional development programs, and an improvement in economic development, tourism, and the health and well-being of Glasgow citizens.

Great Lakes Science Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Linda Abraham-Silver
Form a partnership with the NASA Glenn Research Center to secure the physical relocation of Glenn’s Visitor Center and aeronautical education center to GLSC, expanding services to visitors and providing NASA with greater visibility in the downtown Cleveland.

Macao Science Center, Macao, SAR China
Chee-kuen Yip
Introduce an extra medium in the MSC’s development plan: a technologically modern theater for dramatic performances centered on the story of scientists and that illustrate the nature of scientific research, so as to inspire youth to identify with science.

MIT Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts
John Durant
Engage multiple constituencies within the university in an effort to renovate and renew exhibitions, including an exhibition celebrating the 150th anniversary of MIT.

NEMO Science Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Michiel Buchel
Expand NEMO’s organizational culture to include traditional museum practices and customer services in order to reposition the existing science center as “the national museum for science and technology for the Netherlands.”

Omaha Children’s Museum, Omaha, Nebraska
Lindy Hoyer
Initiate a relocation of our museum to a more accessible facility so that it can play a larger role in the city of Omaha’s tourism and economic development and can expand its science and technology content.

Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciencia Viva, Lisbon, Portugal
Antonio Gomes da Costa
Effect a profound qualitative change in the explainers’ role and performance by reorganizing their recruitment, training, and evaluation.

Schenectady Museum & Suits-Bueche Planetarium, Schenectady, New York
Kerry Orlyk
Develop partnerships with corporations, K-12 education systems, colleges and universities, and other nonprofits with similar missions in order to transform the Museum into a science center in a new downtown location that increases STEM education services to the region

Science Alive!, Christchurch, New Zealand
Neville Petrie
In order to establish a larger, national science center that serves as a hub for distributed activities, this initiative focuses on sale of the current building and cultivation of local and national political support.

The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, California
Peter Friess
Define new content that embodies “the spirit of Silicon Valley” and organize around this content to distinguish the Tech and to become an international destination, both physically and virtually.

The Wild Center, Tupper Lake, New York
Stephanie Ratcliffe
Serve as a nonpartisan “convener of conversations” about potentially divisive environmental issues, and in so doing, become seen as a necessary component of the Adirondack region.

Cohort 2 (2009)

*Institutions are listed based on affiliation at the time of the Fellowship.

Bloomfield Science Museum of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel
Maya Halevy
Position BSMJ as an influential player in the fields of education, culture and society by using its professional reputation, its prime locations and its important stakeholders.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sam Taylor
Focus on CMNH’s community relations and organizational structure in order to refocus the museum’s “brand” to one of relevance, environmental responsibility, and positioned to inform the future, not just interpret the past.

Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, San Jose, California
Marilee Jennings
Responding to the under-representation of San Jose’s growing Vietnamese population in CDM’s audience, transform CDM’s messaging and visitor interactions into more compelling experiences for all, ultimately enhancing the science learning of our community’s children, regardless of their backgrounds.

Children’s Museum of Science and Technology, Troy, New York
John G. Smith
Serve as a resource to other area cultural institutions in New York’s Capitol region to improve the overall sustainability of the non-profit sector across through technical assistance, co-marketing, shared services, partnerships, and/or mergers.

Don Harrington Discovery Center, Amarillo, Texas
Joe Hastings
Contribute to a culture of family learning by promoting “museumgoership” in various forms in order to improve educational attainment — lower dropout rates, higher high school graduation rates, and greater numbers of students going to college — in the Texas Panhandle.

EdVenture, Columbia, South Carolina
Catherine Wilson Horne
Explore opportunities for strategic collaboration, partnership and ultimately, mergers that may create a new model for increasing and enhancing museum impact for audiences and lifelong learning.

Exploradome, Paris, France
Vida Konikovic
Develop a model of participative museum, by involving the visitors in the evaluation and creation of exhibits and programs and the translation of the content into the 200 languages spoken in the city of Paris.

Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, California
Elizabeth Stage
Transform our building into a model of environmental and financial sustainability in order to provide a visitor experience and working environment that will be as vibrant as the programs and materials that are produced by the Hall.

MadaTech, Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space, Haifa, Israel
Ronen Mir
Develop a coalition that expands a comprehensive informal science education strategy for all 50,000 students within the greater Haifa community, in order to increase achievements in the sciences and enhance students’ interest and motivation in pursuing science in their future studies.

Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C.
Patrice Legro
Become known as the leading source of multimedia learning tools that support public participation in and decision-making about the science, engineering, and health issues impacting people’s lives and communities.

McWane Science Center, Birmingham, Alabama
Tim Ritchie
Explore how an organization can advance its financial strategy by taking a strong advocacy position, in particular the promotion of health and wellness via the renovation of our café into an exhibit about health and wellness.

North Museum of Natural History & Science, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Margie Marino
Create a sustainable model for a new, regional science museum in anticipation of our relocation to downtown Lancaster, with aims to be a “must see” for those visiting Lancaster County, and become a premier resource for informal science education in our community.

Oxford Trust, Oxford, United Kingdom
Ian Griffin
Create ‘Science Central’, Oxford’s new cultural centre for science and enterprise, in order to demystify and democratize science and provide participatory learning in an audience-driven environment.

Philippine Science Centrum (PSC)/Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology, Metro Manila, Philippines
May Pagsinohin
Position PSC’s informal learning environment as a complement to the formal education approach in public schools and increase outreach to public schools by soliciting support from the local government leaders to sponsor field trips and training program for teachers.

Sci-Port: LOUISIANA’S Science Center, Shreveport, Louisiana
Ann Fumarolo
Offer “Saturdays are for Families” (SAFF) as an outreach program delivered to families in a lower economic housing development in order to nurture parents (and other significant adults) to be teachers/mentors for their children and advocates for their education.

Techmania Science Center, Plzen, Czech Republic
Vlastimil Volák
Support our employees, and provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to maximize their efficiency via both in-house training and collaborating with other science centers, visiting different scientific departments, and partnering with the entertainment industry.

TELUS World of Science, Calgary, Canada
Jennifer Martin
Re-position the Centre as a key enabler of the challenging dialogue on energy and our energy future in the 21st century

Cohort 3 (2010)

*Institutions are listed based on affiliation at the time of the Fellowship.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Fellow: Ellen McCallie, Deputy Director
Sponsor: Samuel Taylor, Director
Collectively develop and articulate a better understanding of the museum’s audiences, their needs and perceptions, and how we can best direct our resources and programming to meet those needs, with a focus on underserved audiences.

COSI, Columbus, Ohio
Fellow: Kimberlee Kiehl, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer & Senior Vice President
Sponsor: Joe Heimlich, Professor, The Ohio State University
Create a systemic set of initiatives designed to grow general public attendance and membership, as well as to expand to new audiences in our community by making STEM relevant to their daily lives.

Fellow: Kim Gladstone Herlev, Deputy Managing Director, Director of Development
Sponsor: Asger Høeg, CEO
Appoint and manage a think tank and create a regional partnership between Experimentarium and central interests, with the common goal of working towards establishing an innovative environment that focuses on modern technology.

EXPLORA, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Fellow: Betsy Adamson, Exhibits Director
Sponsor: Patrick Lopez, Executive Director
Lead the further visioning and long-term planning process for Explora’s Directors group to interpret, focus and prioritize the ideas for the development of a learning park.

Exploratorium, San Francisco, California
Fellow: Sam Dean, Director, ExNET
Sponsor: Thomas C. Rockwell, Director Exhibits
Development of an integrated, creative pipeline connecting two major exhibition groups and tighten research, development, and dissemination efforts to produce a more cohesive continuum of practice.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, Fort Worth, Texas
Fellow: Charlie Walter, Executive Vice President of Programs
Sponsor: Van Romans, President
Develop a Sustainable Fort Worth Initiative program to build awareness where community leaders can come together and dialogue about the challenges the community is facing related to the use of energy resources.

Great Lakes Science Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Fellow: Blake Andres, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Sponsors: Linda Abraham-Silver, CEO GLSC & David Abbot, Executive Director,
The George Gund Foundation
Lay the groundwork to establish a community-based Fresh Water Institute in Northeast Ohio.

National Museum of American History (Smithsonian), Washington, D.C.
Fellow: Judy Gradwohl, Associate Director for Public Programs
Sponsor: Richard Kurin, Smithsonian Institution Undersecretary for History, Art, and Culture
Examine how a national museum can create more informed and involved citizens through actively promoting civic engagement.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, Oregon
Fellow: Raymond Vandiver, Vice President, Center for Learning Experiences
Sponsor: Nancy Stueber, President
Develop exhibits and educational programming for the Portland community on the topic of sustainability, as well as the development of a Green Exhibit Guide for the professional museum community.

Pacific Science Center, Seattle, Washington
Fellow: Michal Anderson, Chief Financial & Operating Officer
Sponsor: Bryce Seidl, President & CEO
Develop a vibrant, sustainable and cost-effective Comprehensive Master Plan for Pacific Science Center that honors and preserves our past, while understanding the community’s future demands for our facility.

Please Touch Museum, Pennsylvania
Fellow: Concetta Bencivenga, Executive Vice President
Sponsor: Laura Foster, President & CEO
Facilitate the transformation of the Please Touch Museum’s culture from “The Little Museum that Could” to “The Big Museum that Does.”

Saint Louis Science Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Fellow: Diane Miller, Senior Vice President of School and Community Programs and Partnerships
Sponsor: Doug King, President & CEO
Expand the role of the St. Louis Science Center as an educational resource in the St. Louis region and as a model for change in education in the United States via the creation of the Institute for Science Education.

Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota
Fellow: Kirsten Ellenbogen, Director of Evaluation & Research in Learning
Sponsors: Eric Jolly, President and Julie Johnson, John Roe Distinguished Chair of Museum Leadership
Reframe the museum’s Interpretive Plan, in a partnership with community leaders, to identify the role of SMM in informing policymakers in making decisions about current science issues.

Science North, Ontario, Canada
Fellow: Guy Labine, Chief Operating Officer
Sponsor: Jim Marchbank, CEO
Increase the relevance and significance of Dynamic Earth to the Northern Ontario community to realize its full potential.

Sciencenter, Ithaca, New York
Fellow: Lara Kimber, Associate Director
Sponsor: Charles Trautmann, Executive Director
Provide youth with basic “advocacy training” on how to use science to start a movement centered on real world issues.

Telus World of Science, Calgary, Canada
Fellow: Julie Bowen, Director of Concept Development
Sponsor: Jennifer Martin, CEO
Undertake a sustainable strategy for changing content and maintaining currency of content in the new TWS through engagement with community, providing a model for other aspects of the changeability strategy for the new TWS.

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fellow: Steve Snyder, Vice President Exhibit & Program Development
Sponsor: Troy Collins, Senior Vice President Programs, Marketing & Business Development
Development of the Philadelphia Science Festival, with a particular focus on developing on-going collaborative relationships between Informal Science Education organizations and building community around science.

The Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom
Fellow: Sharon Ament, Director of Public Engagement
Sponsors: Michael Dixon, Museum Director and Richard Lane, Director of Science
Draw in contributors, build consensus, focus ideas and priorities, and begin implementation of the Public Engagement Strategy, with the ultimate goal of creating meaningful visitor interactions that inspire, last a lifetime, generate understanding, and urge people onto action.

Cohort 4 (2011)

*Institutions are listed based on affiliation at the time of the Fellowship.

At-Bristol, United Kingdom
Fellow: Dan Bird, Exhibitions Director
Sponsor: Goéry Delacôte, CEO
Develop new ways to extend and personalise the visitor experience using a combination of educational insights and technical innovation, thereby developing organisational thinking and building capacity to reach our audience as individuals.

Boston Children’s Museum, Massachusetts
Fellow: Gail Ringel, Vice President, Exhibits and Production
Sponsor: Carole Charnow, President
Convene a technology task force to evaluate the qualities of new and emerging technologies that best enhance the public’s museum experience while strengthening ties to constituents and our broad museum community.

California Science Center
Fellow: Diane Perlov, Senior Vice President for Exhibits
Sponsor: Jeffrey Rudolph, President
Starting in California’s Native American communities, work via schools and community organizations to extend the impact of the Center and create a two-way involvement between the Center and diverse rural populations.

Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation
Fellow: Stacy Wakeford, Director, Exhibitions
Sponsor: Denise Amyot, President and CEO
Undertake a “Collaborative Design Initiative” with an under-represented local community to develop an exhibition, program, or event that engages a group that does not typically frequent science centers.

Detroit Zoological Society, Michigan
Fellow: Scott Carter, Chief Life Sciences Officer
Sponsor: Ron Kagan, Executive Director and CEO
Develop and lead a comprehensive process to understand green literacy – knowledge about the environment and how our actions and behaviors affect it – in southeast Michigan and develop/coordinate programs to improve it.

Exploratorium, California
Fellow: Tom Rockwell, Director of Exhibits
Sponsor: Rob Semper, Executive Associate Director
Craft a rationale and strategic plan for the Human Phenomena Project, a long-term initiative about exhibiting the social and behavioral sciences and their mirrors in the arts and humanities.

Hagley Museum and Library, Delaware
Fellow: Joan Hoge-North, Deputy Director for Museum Administration
Sponsor: Geoff Halfpenny, Executive Director
Develop and implement an immersive dialog about sustainable communities, using the return of hydro-power to Hagley as an example, therby transforming our museum into a forum for ongoing conversations and inspiration.

Miami Science Museum, Florida
Fellow: Sean Duran, Vice President, Exhibition and Design
Sponsor: Gillian Thomas, CEO
Engender ownership for the new MiaSci by fostering more diverse group of enthusiastic, influential individuals and organizations to mobilize community involvement and find tangible expression within the new Museum.

Montshire Museum of Science, Vermont
Fellow: Greg DeFrancis, Director of Education
Sponsor: David Goudy, Executive Director
Increase the capacity for quality science teaching and learning in small, rural schools through the development of a Museum-School partnership model which can be implemented across multiple independent school districts.

Museum of Science, Boston, Massachusetts
Fellow: Andrea Durham, Director, Exhibit Development and Conservation
Sponsor: Paul Fontaine, Vice President, Education
Develop an exhibition, What is Technology? (working title), that will integrate new partners from the community into the multi-disciplinary team that works on development of the content, interactives, and ongoing interpretation.

National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, District of Columbia
Fellow: Shari Werb, Director of Education and Outreach
Co-Sponsor: Claudine Brown, Assistant Secretary for Education and Access
Co-Sponsor: Cristián Samper, Director 
Create a pan-Smithsonian Youth Science Training, Experience and Mentoring Consortium (SYSTEMIC) to deepen and integrate our efforts to engage young people in science, especially those from underserved communities.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, California
Fellow: Karen Wise, Vice President, Education and Exhibitions
Sponsor: Jane Pisano, President and Director
Engaging Angelenos with nature, wildlife and science in the heart of the city and throughout greater Los Angeles.

Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom
Fellow: Ailsa Barry, Head of Interactive Media
Sponsor: Sharon Ament, Director of Public Engagement
Change NHM’s approach to content output by facilitating participation and input from a broad range of internal and external contributors and exploring new channels of distribution to extend reach and accessibility.

Omaha Children’s Museum, Nebraska 
Fellow: Jeff Barnhart, Chief Museum Officer
Sponsor: Lindy Hoyer, Executive Director
Create a model to produce three, consecutive, community-driven exhibits that involve area corporations, individuals and organizations and that draws comparable attendance numbers of popular third-party exhibitions.

OMSI, Oregon
Fellow: Marcie Benne, Evaluation and Visitor Studies Manager
Sponsor: Ray Vandiver, Vice President, Center for Learning Experiences
Develop and implement community-based participatory research to define, measure, and reflect on community motivations and impacts of our vision: “catalyze people to take action toward a healthy and sustainable society.”

Science Center NEMO, Netherlands
Fellow: Amito Haarhuis, Manager Science Learning Center
Sponsor: Michiel Buchel, General Manager/Director
Develop the Science Learning Center further into an innovative educational hub in order to have a larger impact on the knowledge of and enthusiasm for science and technology in the Dutch society.

Technopolis, Belgium
Fellow: Patricia Verheyden, Experience Director
Sponsor: Erik Jacquemyn, CEO
Develop a master plan for the expansion and renewal of Technopolis® and create new exhibitions and programs so that we remain innovative and attractive for our current audiences, as well as our underserved audiences.

Teknikens Hus, Sweden
Fellow: Eva Jonsson, Deputy Director
Sponsor: Olle Nordberg, Director
Build a platform for entrepreneurial learning that will support the inception of the new Teknikens Hus where we constitute a new and expanded role for the science centre in the region.


Cohort 5 (2012)

*Institutions are listed based on affiliation at the time of the Fellowship.

Accokeek Foundation, Maryland
Fellow: Lisa Hayes, President & CEO
Co-Sponsor: Wilton C. Corkern, Senior Adviser
Co-Sponsor: Mark Alexander Wright, Board Member
Create a national model in Piscataway Park for connecting people to the environment through interpretation of the indigenous cultural landscape of the Piscataway people.

American Museum of Natural History, New York
Fellow: Lauri Halderman, Senior Director, Exhibition Interpretation
Co-Sponsor: Lisa J. Gugenheim, Sr. Vice Pres., Institutional Advancement, Strategic Planning & Education
Co-Sponsor: David Harvey, Senior Vice President for Exhibition
Develop a clear understanding of the interests, wants, and needs of our visitors, including underserved audiences, to inform the museum’s decision-making on major temporary exhibits.

Boston Children’s Museum, Massachusetts
FellowTim Porter, Project Director, Education
Sponsor: Leslie Swartz, Senior Vice President of Research and Program Planning
Explore uses of current technology to better serve our audience, and create new and sustained connections between the museum and our local community through accessible technologies.

Copernicus Science Center, Poland
FellowIrena CieślińskaDeputy Director
Sponsor: Robert FirmhoferCEO
Create a space that encourages adult visitors to become engaged, building a sense of commonality and respect for different viewpoints, and stimulating discussion about the vision for Poland’s future development.

Lawrence Hall of Science; University of California, Berkeley
FellowGretchen WalkerPublic Science Center Interim Director
Sponsor: Elizabeth Stage, Director, Lawrence Hall of Science
Make increased service to three local school districts with large underserved populations central to a new strategic and business plan for the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Madison Children’s Museum, Wisconsin
FellowBrenda BakerDirector of Exhibits
Sponsor: Ruth ShellyExecutive Director
Create a community-based partnership that increases opportunities for children to use design thinking and digital media, not as passive participants, but as investigators, citizen scientists, storytellers, and cultural change agents.

Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC
FellowErika ShugartDeputy Director
Sponsor: Patrice Legro, Director
Transform the Koshland Science Musuem’s online presence from a unidirectional provider of information to a community that helps people use science to solve problems.

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
FellowPatricia WardDirector, Science and Technology
Sponsor: Kurt Haunfelner, Vice President, Exhibits and Collections 
Develop an exhibit-based Energy Simulation and integrated curriculum that positions MSI as a convener for Chicago-area students, the public, and energy experts supporting the ongoing education of the community.

Museum of Science, Boston
FellowChristine ReichDirector of Research and Evaluation
Co-Sponsor: Wayne Bouchard, Chief Operating Officer
Co-Sponsor: Britton O’Brien, Vice President, Human Resources
Establish policies, practices, and procedures that support sustained and continuous improvement toward greater inclusion for people with disabilities at the Museum of Science, Boston.

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation / Miraikan, Japan 
FellowYasushi IkebePrincipal Investigator of Science Communication
Sponsor: Mamoru MohriCEO
Establish an initial profile of a new research center for science communication.

Natural History Museum, London
FellowIan Jenkinson, Museum Manager
Co-Sponsor: Ailsa BarryHead of Interactive Media
Co-Sponsor: Andy Polaszek, Keeper of Entomology
Provide and test three community engagement initiatives for the Natural History Museum focusing on social media and virtual visitor forums, a citizen panel, and models for engaging international partner communities.

Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Netherlands
FellowPaul VoogtDirector, Public Programs
Sponsor: Edwin van HuisCEO
Reinvent Naturalis as a network museum, which means not only working for or with community, but incorporating community into the primary process.

New York Hall of Science, Queens, New York
Fellow: David Kanter, Director, SciPlay, Center for Play, Science & Technology Learning
Sponsor: Margaret Honey, President & CEO
Collaboratively develop and test programmatic models with school district partners that support Queens middle grades science teachers using play-based instruction to bridge the science center to their classrooms.

Science Museum of Minnesota
FellowBob BreckDirector of Marketing & Membership
Sponsor: Paul Martin, Senior Vice President of Science Learning
Create partnerships between the museum and community organizations to provide a “science-based” sounding board for political policy discussion.

Science Museum Oklahoma
Fellow: Sherry MarshallDirector of the Oklahoma Museum Network
Sponsor: Don OttoCEO
Through a statewide partnership, foster meaningful community connections by promoting a culture of open exploration and inquiry in five unique museum settings.

Thanksgiving Point Institute, Utah
Fellow: Blake Wigdahl, Vice President, Design and Programming
Sponsor: Mike Washburn, President & CEO
Become Utah’s center for developing sustainable ways to grow and connect with food by building a local community food network that leverages the story and resources at Thanksgiving Point.

The Franklin Institute Science Museum, Pennsylvania
Fellow: Dale McCreedyDirector, Gender & Family Learning Programs
Sponsor: Frederic Bertley, Vice President, Science and Innovation
Envision and create structures that facilitate ongoing community and museum communication and integration, with a fundamental goal of establishing a coalition of cross-community expertise for collaborative science learning.

Universeum, Sweden
Fellow: Carina HalvordDeputy Managing Director & Head of Development
Sponsor: Lars RehnmanCEO
Create an Entrepreneurial Learning Center through partnerships with key stakeholders for training pre-school and compulsory schoolteachers, providing them with tools ensuring students the best possible educational experience.


Cohort 6 (2013)

*Institutions are listed based on affiliation at the time of the Fellowship.

Bay Area Discovery Museum, California
Fellow: Amparo Leyman Pino, Director of Educational Content and Programming
Sponsor: Karyn Flynn, CEO & Executive Director
Strategic Initiative: Create a Latino Advisory Board for all the museums and science centers in the Bay Area in order to create a model that could be replicated in any other museum in the United States.

Botanic Gardens Conservation International, United Kingdom
Fellow: Julia Willison, Director of Education
Sponsor: Kathy MacKinnon, Board Member
Strategic Initiative: Engage with 20 botanic gardens throughout Europe to support them to develop their social role for the benefit of local communities and for long-term sustainability and plant conservation.

Centre for Life, United Kingdom
Fellow: Andy Lloyd, Head of Special Projects
Sponsor: Linda Conlon, Chief Executive
Strategic Initiative: The Maker Conversations will draw together the cultural, academic, and community sectors within Newcastle to co-design facilities and activities to stimulate and support grassroots innovation and technology in the city.

Children’s Museum Pittsburgh
Fellow: Chris Siefert, Deputy Director
Co-Sponsor: Bill Valenta, Board Member
Co-Sponsor: Jane Werner, Executive Director
Strategic Initiative: Create a center of learning, making, experimentation, and convening that will support innovative youth programs, mentoring, research and development, entrepreneurs, and design-thinking through partnerships with higher education and others.

ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, Vermont
Fellow: Molly Loomis, Director of Education
Sponsor: Phelan Fretz, Executive Director
Strategic Initiative: Build an aspirational strategy for community engagement, which draws on the cultural resources of the Burlington community to create relevant programs, partnerships and practices at ECHO.

Explora, New Mexico
Fellow: Kristin Leigh, Deputy Director
Sponsor: Joe Hastings, Executive Director
Strategic Initiative: Forge partnerships with other local organizations, in order to better leverage mutual connections and resources and to increase Explora’s access to new projects and sources of funding.

Montshire Museum of Science, Vermont
Fellow: Jennifer Rickards, Associate Director
Sponsor: David Goudy, Executive Director
Strategic Initiative: Develop a community partnership designed to determine how the Museum should engage underserved families in our region and implement new strategies to do so effectively.

Miami Science Museum
Fellow: Jennifer Santer, Vice President of Content and Programs
Sponsor: Frank Steslow, Chief Operating Officer
Strategic Initiative: Create a sustainable Social Action Program that engages diverse audiences in Museum-led environmental restoration projects, that provide tangible benefits to participants, the environment, and the broader community.

Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
Fellow: Katrin Vohland, Senior Scientist
Sponsor: Johannes Vogel, Generaldirektor
Strategic Initiative: Develop the role of natural history museums in society by making the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin a School for Public Engagement with Science based on interdisciplinary partnerships and networks.

National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C.
Fellow: Barbara Stauffer, Acting Chief of Programming and Partnerships
Sponsor: Shari Werb, Director of Education and Outreach
Strategic Initiative: Develop a framework and a process for inviting the local creative community to work with the Museum in mutually identifying, designing, funding, and executing interdisciplinary, participatory, and contributory projects.

Ontario Science Centre
Fellow: Karen Hager, Director of Science Engagement
Sponsor: Lesley Lewis, CEO / Directrice Générale
Strategic Initiative: Further expand our Community Engagement initiatives through the development of a community science festival, with a particular focus on building capacity within a variety of communities through on-going collaborative efforts.

Saint Louis Science Center
Fellow: Jennifer Heim, Director of Strategic Planning and Projects
Sponsor: Bert Vescolani, President/CEO
Strategic Initiative: Collaborate with the actively creative community to transform how we engage our primary audience, inviting them into a creative process, leading to deeper engagement with science.

Sciencenter, New York
Fellow: Tim Scott, Associate Director for Program
Sponsor: Charlie Trautmann, Executive Director
Strategic Initiative: Engage and lead museum personnel and community members through the process of reimagining the Sciencenter’s program so it aligns with our mission and vision to empower our community.

ScienceCenter-Network, Austria
Fellow: Barbara Streicher, Executive Manager
Sponsor: Josef Fröhlich, Board Member
Strategic Initiative: Set up spaces within and for local communities as experimental science center labs, run and cared for by the Network.

Thinktank – Birmingham Science Museum, United Kingdom
Fellow: Janine Eason, Director of Learning and Operations
Sponsor: Graham Allen, Trustee, Birmingham Museums Trust
Strategic Initiative: Develop a sustainable relationship between Thinktank and its growing community of students and young professionals that meets their needs and promotes a greater sense of ownership of the museum.

The University of Montana spectrUM Discovery Area
Fellow: Holly Truitt, Director
Sponsor: Ric Hauer, Director of Institute on Ecosystems
Strategic Initiative: Develop a collaborative made up of stakeholders, funders, and decision makers to expand our mobile science center’s capacity to serve all of Montana counties and American Indian Reservations.

The Works, Bloomington, Minnesota
Fellow: Jill Measells, CEO
Sponsor: Katy Kolbeck, Trustee
Strategic Initiative: Co-create a permanent community space at The Works. Building a new approach for engaging the community in defining and developing resources, exhibits, and programs.

Cohort 7 (2014)

*Institutions are listed based on affiliation at the time of the Fellowship.

Afterschool Alliance
Fellow: Anita Krishnamurthi, Vice President, STEM Policy
Sponsor: Jennifer Rinehart, Vice President for Research and Policy
Strategic Initiative: To strengthen collaborations between science centers and afterschool providers to increase the number of high-quality STEM learning opportunities in out-of-school-time programs around the country.

Arizona Science Center
Fellow: Sharon Kortman, Senior Vice President of Learning
Sponsor: Chevy Humphrey, President and CEO
Strategic Initiative: To advance educational leadership, quality teaching, parent and community engagement for student learning, positioning our science institution to influence STEM education locally and nationally.

Conner Prairie Museum
Fellow: Cathryn Ferree, Vice President Exhibits, Programs, Interpretation, and Facilities
Sponsor: Ellen Rosenthal, President and CEO
Strategic Initiative: To organize a community-based Advisory Board that fosters dialogue on informal learning to result in educators using Conner Prairie as a partner in STEM education, not only an enrichment field trip.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Fellow: Scott Sampson, Vice President, Research & Collections, and Chief Curator
Sponsor: George Sparks, President and CEO
Strategic Initiative: To create a community-based alliance of organizations aimed at connecting children and adults with local place through coordinated efforts to provide access to, and engage with, nearby nature.

EdVenture Children’s Museum
Fellow: Nikole Williams, Vice President of Education
Sponsor: Debbie Zvejnieks, Board Member
Strategic Initiative: To lead and strategically align all aspects of a major state systemic project addressing health and wellness, fostering relationships with communities to serve target audiences throughout the state.

Great Lakes Science Center
Fellow: Whitney Owens, Vice President of Education
Sponsor: Kirsten Ellenbogen, Ph.D., President & CEO 
Strategic Initiative: To collaborate with industry to change Cleveland’s manufacturing narrative by co-identifying STEM education opportunities and piloting related learning experiences with diverse middle-school youth while driving more iteration among GLSC education staff.

Liberty Science Center
Fellow: Ann Neumann, Concept Planning / Exhibitions Design Lead
Sponsor: Paul Hoffman, President and CEO
Strategic Initiative: To develop LSC’s Museum Planning Services through two pilot programs, as an innovative and sustainable outreach model that engages local and global communities to develop relevant informal science learning environments.

Fellow: Sigrid Falla Morales, Deputy Director of Science and Society
Sponsor: Elizabeth Hoyos, President and CEO
Strategic Initiative: To develop and test a participatory assessment model to include the visitor and community voices in educational and exhibit programs.

Museum für Naturkunde
Fellow: Gregor Hagedorn, Head of Digital World and Information Science
Sponsor: Johannes Vogel, Generaldirektor 
Strategic Initiative: To create robust knowledge communities around nature, focusing on the importance of knowledge management and participatory knowledge creation, establishing a German-language “Encyclopedia of Life” (EOL) augmenting the global EOL family.

National Science Museum, Thailand
Fellow: Ganigar Chen, Director, Office of the Public Awareness of Science
Sponsor: Kannikar Wongtongsiri, Vice President
Strategic Initiative: To lead the formation of a school-based museum through an outreach partnership between the school, the community, and the National Science Museum.

New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
Fellow: Alicia Borrego Pierce, Deputy Executive Director
Sponsor: Charlie Walter, Executive Director 
Strategic Initiative: To cultivate a relationship between the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science and the community of Espanola, NM, that determines and then implements the most effective strategies of public engagement with families in that community.

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry
Fellow: Jamie Hurd, Vice President of Programs
Sponsor: Nancy Stueber, President 
Strategic Initiative: To facilitate integration of OMSI’s new coastal camp into the community of Newport, Oregon, and create a community ecosystem of learning with local partners to produce a multidisciplinary pilot program that embodies local views and values.

San Antonio Children’s Museum
Fellow: Rita Mukherjee Hoffstadt, Vice President, Education and Visitor Experience
Sponsor: Vanessa Lacoss Hurd, Executive Director 
Strategic Initiative: To engage the childhood learning community (providers, specialists, resources) to create public programming that will transform the San Antonio Children’s Museum from a traditional children’s museum to a hub and convener in San Antonio.

Science Center NEMO
Fellow: Marjolein van Breemen, Head of Education / Manager Science Learning Center
Sponsor: Amito Haarhuis, Deputy Director
Strategic Initiative: To give educational support to schools throughout the Netherlands for the development of pupils’ talents for science and technology.

Science Museum of Minnesota
Fellow: Joe Imholte, Director of Special Exhibits and Public Programs
Sponsor: Paul Martin, Senior Vice President of Science Learning
Strategic Initiative: To engage our community in the development and delivery of programming for the Science Museum of Minnesota to develop relationships and increase its value and relevance.

Science World British Columbia
Fellow: Pauline Finn, Vice President, Community Engagement
Sponsor: Bryan Tisdall, President and CEO
Strategic Initiative: To mobilize science professionals supporting the British Columbia Science Charter to energize science learning experiences for K-12 students.

The Tech Museum of Innovation
Fellow: Lath Carlson, Vice President, Exhibits and Content Development
Sponsor: Tim Ritchie, President
Strategic Initiative: To transform The Tech into a “resource for innovation” by providing exhibits and programs which build innovation skills in all of our constituents.

The University of the Arts, Philadelphia
Fellow: Polly McKenna-Cress, Director, Museum Exhibition Planning and Design
Co-Sponsor: Kirk Pillow, Provost, University of the Arts
Co-Sponsor: Dale McCreedy, Director, Gender, Adult Learning, & Community Engagement, The Franklin Institute 
Strategic Initiative: To create a Collaborative Incubator formed from an underserved community, an arts and design university, and a science museum to develop community-created and -installed pop-up STE(A)M-based exhibits through a Design Thinking process.